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March 2024

In Baseball's Great Expectations: Candid Stories of Ballplayers Who Didn't Live Up to the Hype, Patrick Montgomery brings out from the shadows nine of those players who were once poised for greatness. They include a player who received a then-record-breaking MLB Draft signing bonus, a left-handed pitcher who was ordained to be the next Sandy Koufax, the only catcher to go straight from high school to the major leagues during the MLB Draft Era, and more. Drawing from his extensive interviews with the players, family members, general managers, executives, scouts, and more, Montgomery shines a fresh light on these players and provides a candid perspective on the major leagues. Players reflect on their careers, what went wrong, how they feel about baseball now that their playing days are over, and, for many of them, how they have found new purpose in their lives. 

Baseball’s Great Expectations reveals an often-overlooked side of professional baseball, of the struggles with injury, mental exhaustion, pressure, temptations, and sometimes just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The path to baseball stardom is not as glamorous as it is sometimes made out to be, and this book reveals just how difficult the journey truly is.


August 2022

A group of players emerged from the controlled chaos of Towny and his friends. The Splendid 6 of Michael Cuddyer, David Wright, Ryan Zimmerman, Mark Reynolds, B.J. and Justin Upton took Major League Baseball by storm and each had a long successful career.

The Splendid 6 played 8,370 MLB games, 35,420 at-bats, 9,346 base hits, 1,509 home runs, and 5,282 RBI across 85 MLB seasons through 2021. 15 All-Star nods and a World Series Championship. 

The Baseball Miracle of the Splendid 6 and Towny Townsend: Heartbreak, Inspiration, and How Baseball Can Be

Patrick Montgomery is an award-winning writer, youth softball coach, baseball historian, geek, and student of the game. A unique and exciting includes being a retired Coast Guard Officer, Actor, and the husband of a New Jersey girl and blessed with two headstrong daughters. His professional experience includes being a Federal, State, and Local Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Equal Rights and Diversity Liaison to the Department of Defense, and DHS Tribal Liaison. Highlights and lowlights include On-Site Media Officer duties for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Miracle on the Hudson, US Airways Flight 1549, various hurricanes, and DHS National Special Security Events, including Republican, Democratic Conventions and the Olympics.

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